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Into 60's hotrod cool, 70's horror and 80's punk. comics, video games. Favorite Movies:Return of the Living Dead, Re-Animator, Evil Dead, Texas Chain-saw Massacre, Murder Mansion, etc. Favorite Music:The Misfits (Danzig era), White/Rob Zombie, X, Marilyn Manson


Halloween starts early this year as DANZIG returns with a BLACKEST OF THE BLACK like never before. Two days worth of dark goodness with bands like Ministry, Butcher Babies, Fear Factory just to name a few.. A Castle Danzig interactive… (Read more)

Want A Copy Of WE GO ON?

The festival hit WE GO ON is on its way home and now you can get your very own copy on Blu-ray!¬† The story of a man’s quest for the answers to life after death send him on a horrifying… (Read more)

No Honor Among Thieves – BLACK SAILS XXXVII

This week’s BLACK SAILS starts off with an important point. Who a man was is least as important as who he is. This is an undeniable truth because that past is the only insight into how that man might behave… (Read more)

ATOMIC BLONDE Proves Charlize Theron Should Star In Everything!

Action has become bloody again and I’m sure that is due in no small part to JOHN WICK. So it was only a matter of time until we got a female led version and who better than Charlize Theron! Check… (Read more)

Get Your First Look At RUPTURE

Are you scared of spiders? Most people who are don’t tell their friends because practice jokes ensue. Now what if you were kidnapped and the kidnappers knew your secret? What would you do then? That is the premise of RUPTURE…. (Read more)

Watch The ALIEN: COVENANT Prologue Before Bed…

This movie is so what I wanted in an ALIEN sequel and hopefully you will agree when ALIEN: COVENANT hits the screen. What we have here is the new ALIEN: COVENANT prologue to set things up. As if that isn’t… (Read more)

Wanna see some TWIN PEAKS Pics?

It’s getting close to that time. TWIN PEAKS will be here soon and I can’t wait. I am wondering though, why is Shelly still working at the dinner? It’s an reasonable question. Anyway, check out the pics below and get… (Read more)