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Into 60's hotrod cool, 70's horror and 80's punk. comics, video games. Favorite Movies:Return of the Living Dead, Re-Animator, Evil Dead, Texas Chain-saw Massacre, Murder Mansion, etc. Favorite Music:The Misfits (Danzig era), White/Rob Zombie, X, Marilyn Manson

FRIDAY THE 13TH Is Almost Here And Here Is A Launch Announcement!

After we have spent over a year anxiously waited for FRIDAY THE 13TH the game to become a reality, it is almost here. We now have a release date for the game and it is ONE MONTH AWAY. The game will… (Read more)

Get Ready To Be Possessed By AMERICAN EXORCISM

Looks like more and more horror are going for that period feel and for sure it is appreciated. The latest film to take place in the past is AMERICAN EXORCISM from Uncork’d Entertainment. Check out the trailer below… Just your… (Read more)

Review: THE ENDLESS Is A Thought Provoking Personal Horror

Do we ever really know where we are going or where we have been? What if we were trapped in a n endless loop but conscious of it? These are truly terrifying concepts if you delve into them and exactly… (Read more)

#Tribeca – First Clip And Promo For THE ENDLESS

Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead are back with a new thriller that once again takes you on a journey unlike anything you have witnessed before. The film is called THE ENDLESS and it makes its premiere tonight at the Tribeca… (Read more)

Robert Kurtzman On Creating THE BYE BYE MAN And Keeping Monsters Fresh

With THE BYE BYE MAN out now, we talked to legendary F/X artist Robert Kurtzman about creating monsters. What goes into it and how he keeps them original. After EVIL DEAD 2, he, Greg Nicotero and Howard Berger created KNB… (Read more)

The Creators Of THE BYE BYE MAN Talk Creating An Icon

One of the hardest things to do in horror is creating your villain, as of late, it seems to have become a lost art. With THE BYE BYE MAN, we have our first notable icon in years and he is… (Read more)

Prepare To Get Creeped Out By ANOTHER EVIL

If you are looking for some supernatural shenanigans that will put a smile on your face and a chill down your spine, get ready for something evil…ANOTHER EVIL. The festival favorite is on its way this May. Read on for… (Read more)