Event Review

Event Review: A Weekend at ScareLA 2017

A costume filled weekend at LACC kept these eyes zip-lining across the room all day. Tons of creativity was packed into the venue from  conceptual artists to film makers, booths were busy, busy, busy! Shoulda brought my anxiety meds because… (Read more)

Addy’s Mission to Midsummer Scream 2017

A day of firsts: my first Midsummer Scream event and my first convention experience, ever, after celebrating my first year in California. I got dolled in my pumpkin-cinnamon dress, long curly hair trailing behind me, and purple lipztik – just… (Read more)

Event Review: Queen Mary Dark Harbor

Every year in Long Beach, Ca., the famous and very haunted Queen Mary explodes into full dark carnival of Halloween delight! Ghosts and spirits return from the sea and take over the harbor. This event is known simply enough as… (Read more)

Event Review: Cross Roads Escape Games – The Hex Room

This past weekend, we visited a brand new and fresh escape room located in Southern California, Cross Roads Escape Games. As I have previously stated, The Hex Room is probably the best escape room out there. What makes this one so… (Read more)

Haunt Review: CreepLA Ups The Creep Factor This Year

Last year’s break out haunt was easily CreepLA, a fully immersive experience that set the bar high for haunts across the nation. Rather than a torture experience or a jump scare walk through, CreepLA functions as a deep psychological decent… (Read more)


This past weekend marked the official start of the Halloween season with the first annual Midsummer Scream Halloween festival in Long Beach, Ca. The new show, created by the talented minds behind ScareLA, welcomed in the season with a host… (Read more)

Immersion Experience: Summer Joins Ves Corp

Back in March, a mysterious account followed me on Instagram. Ves_corp, a tech company claiming to be “the future as we know it”, I almost wrote it off as some spam account. After doing some digging around on their profile,… (Read more)