Indie Horror

‘Bethany’ Delivers Supernatural Terror!

Anytime a film deals with imaginary friends, especially creepy ass ones living within the walls, a feeling of uneasiness that I cannot escape! In the film, (young) Claire would seek comfort in her imaginary friend that lived in the walls… (Read more)

‘Pool Party Massacre’ – Looks Like Summer Fun!

With the Summer months fast approaching the trailer for Pool Party Massacre comes to us at a perfect time! Judging by the trailer this new blood splattered film looks like it will be an entertaining joyous ride! The poster looks… (Read more)

‘Chupacabra Territory’ Is Coming!

Most of us have heard the stories of the Chupacabra [goat-sucker] over the years as this legendary creature in folklore has been passed down by storytellers. Reports of this creatures first sightings had been in Puerto Rico, and accusations were… (Read more)

‘The Control Group’ – Starring Chucky Himself, Brad Dourif!

Yes, folks, you read the title correctly! The new film from Wild Eye, The Control Group, is starring the one and only Chucky from the Child’s Play series, Brad Dourif! Created at an estimated 1 Million dollar budget, the film… (Read more)

Images And Trailer For PSYCHOS

Zack Ward is back in an all new twisted thriller called PSYCHOS. A film about vengeance when the past comes back to visit. Writer-director Sandy Chukhadarian’s Psychos attacks VOD 3/17 from Leomark Studios. When three young women receive shocking videos… (Read more)

Zombie Thriller -‘The Girl With All The Gifts’ – Coming Soon To VOD & DVD / Blu-Ray

Move over The Walking Dead; new zombies are in town in the 2016 British post-apocalyptic horror drama, The Girl With All The Gifts. Directed by Colm McCarthy and written by M.R. Carey, we watch as humanity is flushed out by… (Read more)

First Trailer For The Abduction of Jennifer Grayson

The line between predator and prey can get blurred (not that that is healthy but it does happen) When this happens, how hard is it to do the thing that needs to be done? The new film The Abduction of… (Read more)