Talks with some of horror most and least interesting.

[Interview] ‘Camera Obscura’ Star Nadja Bobyleva

The haunting film Camera Obscura is now available on Digital Platforms. The best way to describe this film is Goosebumps: Say Cheese and Die meets up with Final Destination, that is actually a compliment! I enjoyed this movie thoroughly it… (Read more)


Visionary new filmmaker Brad Douglas wrote his new film Besetment up at the mountains in Oregon – no surprise then to discover that the film shares some welcome similarities with Lynch and Frost’s Twin Peaks.  As the VOD release of… (Read more)

Interview With ‘Phoenix Forgotten’ Director – Justin Barber.

A new found footage film was released this past weekend into theaters, Phoneix Forgotten. The movie focuses on the real events of March 13th, 1997 when strange lights flooded the sky over Phoenix, Arizona! This phenomenon could not be explained… (Read more)

Robert Kurtzman On Creating THE BYE BYE MAN And Keeping Monsters Fresh

With THE BYE BYE MAN out now, we talked to legendary F/X artist Robert Kurtzman about creating monsters. What goes into it and how he keeps them original. After EVIL DEAD 2, he, Greg Nicotero and Howard Berger created KNB… (Read more)

The Creators Of THE BYE BYE MAN Talk Creating An Icon

One of the hardest things to do in horror is creating your villain, as of late, it seems to have become a lost art. With THE BYE BYE MAN, we have our first notable icon in years and he is… (Read more)

Creator Jonathan Steinberg On The Past, Present And Future Of BLACK SAILS

With Sundays incredible season finale, BLACK SAILS came to its conclusion. After four years, the pirates of Nassau have reached their ends, some literal, some figurative and some metaphorical. Though the ending was sincerely satisfying, and more than complete, there… (Read more)

Aidan Whytock Talks Life, Death, And Black Sails

Betrayal often leads to death on Black Sails and this past weeks episode had one hell of a betrayal and death to go with it. The betrayed; Billy Bones. The death; Captain Jacob Garrett.  Actor Aidan Whytock, who portrayed the… (Read more)