Review: WTF! – A nod to horror of the past

Night has fallen as the camera skates across the ground giving us an atmosphere and perspective reminiscent of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead series. Instead of something evil coming for us, we’re rushing to witness a scantily clad woman, covered in… (Read more)

‘Pool Party Massacre’ – Looks Like Summer Fun!

With the Summer months fast approaching the trailer for Pool Party Massacre comes to us at a perfect time! Judging by the trailer this new blood splattered film looks like it will be an entertaining joyous ride! The poster looks… (Read more)

SLASHER.COM – Takes A Stab AT DVD March 7th!

The DVD release of is one that horror fans have been waiting for. Social Media has made its cultural footprints in our society and has changed life as we know it, for better or worse, that is still up… (Read more)

First Trailer For SLASHER HOUSE II

If you are a fan of SLASHER HOUSE in it’s various incarnations, get excited, because Anna McCarthy and director MJ Dixon are on their way back with SLASHER HOUSE II. Check out the trailer below and get ready for all new carnage!… (Read more)

SHOCK ‘EM DEAD Blu-Ray Review

shock 'em dead Traci Lords

SHOCK ‘EM DEAD is a horror rock classic from another age. It has an 80s horror movies feel of course, and has all the trappings. Big hair, spandex, and bad music, it’s a guilty pleasure from the age of guilty pleasures…. (Read more)

Miranda Survives BLOODY MOON

Hey Sinners!! This evening I had the great pleasure of once again putting together another beautiful #TastyTuesday for you all. Tonight I took it back to 1981 with Bloody Moon, directed by Jesus Franco. While this movie wasn’t jam-packed full… (Read more)