I don’t believe that the zombie genre is dead, but it is desperately in need of new blood. One film that shows promise isĀ IT STAINS THE SAND RED coming from Dark Sky Films. We have the first trailer today so… (Read more)

First BLOOD DRIVE Trailer Greases The Wheels With Blood

What is amazingly fun is the wave of retro thrillers that have popped up over the past few years. Though there have been some stinkers, there have also been some gems (DEAR GOD NO!, THE BARN). Now SyFy is getting… (Read more)

‘Chupacabra Territory’ Is Coming!

Most of us have heard the stories of the Chupacabra [goat-sucker] over the years as this legendary creature in folklore has been passed down by storytellers. Reports of this creatures first sightings had been in Puerto Rico, and accusations were… (Read more)

Get Wrapped Up In The Latest Trailer For THE MUMMY

An all new trailer for the mummy has shown up and sheds more light on Universal’s intention with the new film. It appears that the mummy is not the only monster in the film. This is an exciting surprise. Enjoy…… (Read more)

Fear The First Trailer For ANNABELLE: CREATION

Though ANNABELLE was a bit lean on certain scares that we expected from a creepy doll movie, it did have a certain ROSEMARY’S BABY vibe. I enjoyed it and am looking forward to ANNABELLE: CREATION, if for no other reason,… (Read more)

Netflix Renews The ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ For A Second Season!

Some pretty damn fantastic news announced this week! Netflix has ordered a second season of the Santa Clarita Diet, a new dark comedy which stars Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant. The only downside of this news is we all have… (Read more)

ATOMIC BLONDE Proves Charlize Theron Should Star In Everything!

Action has become bloody again and I’m sure that is due in no small part to JOHN WICK. So it was only a matter of time until we got a female led version and who better than Charlize Theron! Check… (Read more)