First Trailer For Bunnyman Vengeance

Bunnyman is a creepy series simply because, well, the guy is in a bunny suit with a chainsaw. Now it seems the creepiness is coming to an end with Bunnyman Vengeance. heck out the trailer below. Hop to it… The deadly… (Read more)

First Trailer For Buckout Road

There are places in America that you dare not go at night or alone. Places that will stay with you long after you’ve left. One of these is Buckout Road, and believe me, this is a place that you wont… (Read more)

#Shriekfest The Basement Trailer Is Here!

You’ve heard about it, now you can see it! Get your first look at The Basement! I can tell you that you wont forget it!!! The Basement is about a L.A. serial killer known as The Gemini (Davis), who tortures… (Read more)

First Trailer And Exclusive Stills For TRUTH OR DARE

Nick Simon, the director of last year’s wicked slasher The Girl In The Photographs, is back with a whole new game. But where his last film was a classy and haunting exercise in fear, TRUTH OR DARE lets the blood flow. We… (Read more)


INSIDIOUS is back and never disappoints. After a bit of a cliffhanger with INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 2 and a prequel with CHAPTER 3, we are curious to see where the story goes from here. Check out the first trailer below. INSIDIOUS… (Read more)


As someone who appreciates extreme art, this is a mild concern. A couple of Halloween’s ago, we were treated to one of the creepiest of concepts. What if a traveling extreme haunt was actually murderous? What if you got caught… (Read more)

#SDCC First Trailer For THE WALKING DEAD Season 8

Yes it’s that time of year when THE WALKING DEAD returns to reap zombie havoc on us all with the first exciting trailer. This season looks like they are actually gonna have some decent pacing but we’ll see. Check out the… (Read more)