Meet The Bringers of Sin

tumblr_movp7uSgVe1rabrleo1_1280Christopher M. Jimenez (Sinful Celluloid)

Christopher is the creator and “Head Sinner” of Sinful Celluloid. His areas of interest include Horror, Pirates, and Exploitation of all sorts including Bikers, Nazis, and Nuns. He is into 60’s Hot-Rod cool, 70’s horror. and 80’s punk. He is also a professional screenwriter and produced projects for Mobile Horror Channel American Horrors and Blanc/Biehn Productions. He has also been a contributing writer for Fangoria and Shock Till You Drop. You can follow his adventures in horror including his morning movie on INSTAGRAM and TWITTER.


Daniella Batsheva

Daniella Batsheva is an Illustrator based in Los Angeles with experience in Apparel Graphics, Horror Art, and Children’s Book Illustrations. She has worked with Bobby Alt, Teddy Scares, and BuySellTeach among many other organizations. Her work has been featured in Dread Central, Rebelicious, Rainbow Rumpus, and Fangoria. Daniella currently designs clip-art and illustrates posters for independent horror films.

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Ryan T. Cusick

Ryan T. Cusick is a desert dweller because of the ample body storage. He enjoys conversation and writing about anything within the horror genre, Conventions, special events and Jack Daniels!  Horror first sparked Ryan’s interest at the tender age of three, after his first viewing of The Amityville Horror. Ryans’ eleven-year-old daughter is now following in his footsteps and has expressed her interest in the genre, parenting at its finest! Ryan received a Master’s Degree in Psychology and has aspirations to write a novel someday when he finds the time.

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Dollyhearts Vampire WomanMiranda Angers

Miranda Angers is a small town Canadian girl with a big love for spooky and dark things. Her love for horror started at a very young age. With an older brother on a mission to give his sister nightmares, he did not realize he sparked an obsession. From there she discovered films that would forever hold a place in her heart A Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Pet Sematary and many, many others. After seeing these movies her dreams and thought process has never been the same. Constantly searching for the next thing that could potentially creep her out, it has almost become a lifestyle. As an adult she enjoys scaring children, reading  Dean Koontz novels, and staying home and watching horror in her underwear.


venetia bio 1Venetia Rossi

Venetia Rossi joins us from Boston, where by day you can find her wearing a suit and acting convincingly like a responsible and productive member of society. By night, she is most often found at home indulging her lifetime love of horror movies and all books on criminal psychology.  As a child she was raised by strict parents who banned television from the home, and limited movie viewings to one weekend rental from the local library’s very limited selection. A child deprived, young Venetia was forced to turn to reading. Specifically Edgar Allen Poe, Agatha Christie, and library textbooks on criminal psychology and law. While this might disturb most parents, Venetia’s mother encouraged her curiosity and supported her odd interests in murder, mysteries, and a fascination with serial killers. When finally allowed to watch more than one movie a week, she more than made up for lost time, making her way through decades of classic horror, always looking for something that could lead her to the next scary movie to enjoy.  You can follow her on INSTAGRAM and TWITTER

c95aeab6a0e44efe2a675b3ff15b88eaTricia Bazan

Tricia is from the Los Angeles area.  She has never been into the typical “girly” things.  Instead, she developed interests for horror, werewolves, and crystals.  She loves horror conventions, punk shows, book shops, and smoothies.  Her favorite place to visit is Salem, Massachusetts, and does her best to visit every year.  You can catch her taking some occasion pictures with horns on her head or fangs on her teeth, sometimes both.  To see more of her interests, follow her on Instagram or Twitter.


Camilla is an actress, writer, film-maker, musician, and horror junkie. As a child she would force her artist mother to draw sharp teeth on her dolls and was besotted when her eyes first gazed upon the mangled visage of Freddy Krueger.

An Australian ex-pat, Camilla keeps herself busy interviewing film luminaries for Australian Cinephile group CINEMANIACS, writes contributing pieces for FANGORIAand hosts a variety/horror/sci-fi web series THE MILLI SHOW. In her spare time she can sometimes be seen walking her cat in Hollywood…

You can follow her on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM as well.

Stephanie bio


Stephanie is a small-town metalhead from the Southern U.S. who grew up in a very conservative household. Quite the goody two-shoes until she hit her teens, she rebelled the best way she knew how: evil movies and evil music. She has always had a penchant for slasher flicks, gore, and demonic possession. Stephanie, an amateur bodybuilder, can be found in the gym on any given day, pumping iron with the best of them. She also has a passion for metal music, cooking, and science.  Follow her on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM

Jenna bio


Jenna is a screenwriter and director whose ideas tend to scare her writing partner. She digs psychological and supernatural horror, but doesn’t mind throwing a bucket or three of blood on things for fun. She harbors a (not-so-secret) love of fairy tales, travel, ladyporn, accents, red lipstick, coffee, Converse, and ass-kicking heroines. Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King, and Alfred Hitchcock are her spirit animals.

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John Ellsworth

John’s journey into the dark and wonderful world of horror began at a very early age. He spent his childhood watching the black and white classics on his mom and dad’s living room floor every Saturday afternoon. Not too long after, a man named Michael Myers walked into his life. After seeing “Halloween” (1978), his world would never be the same. He is an avid horror movie collector and a die-hard/life-long heavy metal fan. He is also an often disappointed but dedicated Oakland Raiders fan. By day he is an audio/video installer and by night, he is anything but that (all work and no play makes John a dull boy, right?).

Many would say that something like movies or music are considered to merely be interests or hobbies, but John’s love and passion of these two genres are more of a way of life, and he lives it every day.

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IMG_0457Jennica Lynn

Jennica is an entertainment journalist who habitually mistakes wordplay for foreplay. She is an avid tea drinker and head-banger, a collector of movie artwork and vintage fashion, and a lover of wiener doggies. Her favorite horror subgenres include 70s occult films, exploitation, and giallo. When she isn’t planted on her couch eyeballs-deep in a gore fest, she is likely on the beach calling Cthulhu, reading the Necronomicon, or drinking the night away at a dead man’s party.

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