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Review: Before I Wake Is A Must See!

Before I Wake is an excellent film directed and co-written by Mike Flanagan (Oculus (2013), Hush (2016), Absentia (2011). Flanagan takes the overdone topic of “Creepy Child” to a new level of imagination and heart-pounding thrills. The storyline was very… (Read more)

Check Out the First Trailer For MIDNIGHTERS

There is nothing more difficult than love and family, especially when your family is up to no good. That is the lesson learned in MIDNIGHTERS. The film concerns a loving couple who head home on New Years eve only to end… (Read more)


“Devil’s plaything in my hands If you don’t want pain, you don’t understand” Several centuries ago, many practicing Christians, and those of other religions, had a strong belief that the Devil could give certain people known as witches the power… (Read more)

Review: PSYCHOTIC! A Brooklyn Slasher

PSYCHOTIC! A Brooklyn Slasher is a bloody mess slasher film set in Bushwick, New York. A bunch of hipsters living in Bushwick trying to make a name for themselves playing in a band and partying like its 1970 with lots… (Read more)

First Trailer For Ted Geoghegan’s MOHAWK

Ted Geoghegan is back with his second feature MOHAWK, a thriller that has a more realistic tone than his excellent first feature We Are Still Here. Check out the trailer below… After its hit festival run, Dark Sky Films is proud to announce… (Read more)

Review: Gloria Visits THE CANNIBAL FARM

What is worst than going on vacation with family that you don’t get along with? Getting stuck with them in the middle of nowhere, not only that but now your vacation turned into a survival of the fittest trying to… (Read more)

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 Trailer

After a bit of a delay, we now have a trailer and release date for season 3 of Ash vs Evil Dead/ Ash returns with an all new surprise…or noy given the character we’re talking about. Ash has a daughter! Yup…and… (Read more)