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Review: The Elf (2017)

If you, like I did, grew up watching horror movies like Child´s play, The puppet master or any other film starring killer dolls, then The elf will bring back the terror you used to feel and you will want to… (Read more)


Here is one that has been swirling for a while, the all new DAY OF THE DEAD: BLOODLINE. Not too many details yet but we have the first still along with the teaser poster. The film stars Johnathon Schaech, Sophie Skelton,… (Read more)

Event Review: Paranormal Halloween

October 31, the charming night where the dead join the living, and they walk among us, mystery surrounds Halloween night, known as a pagan ritual for Christians, and known as the most awaited night of the year for Horror fans… (Read more)

Halloween night 2017 the Anton LaVey exhibition by Lethal Amounts

What do you do Halloween night in Hollywood? For sure you have to summon Satan on this devils night. Or you could have been at the Anton LaVey exhibition Disobey. An event orchestrated by Danny Fuentes owner of Lethal Amounts… (Read more)

Dee Wallace Talks RED CHRISTMAS

With RED CHRISTMAS, Dee Wallace steps in as both Producer and Star in a twisted tale of decisions that come back to haunt a woman and her family. Recently, Dee sat down to explore her new film, and the challenges… (Read more)

House by the Lake (2017) By Baron Craze

First, filmmakers please strive for imaginative titles, this one just gives so much away, and actually makes one sigh a bit, for it resembles so many other titles, for example one might this it’s a remake of the 1976 film… (Read more)

Review: Flore Eats With The BRAIN EATERS

Humans, we are to clever, aren´t we? What if I tell you that long before our existence on earth there were some kind of parasites capable of subsist without arms, without legs, without speaking, without Facebook, without cellphone, that sounds… (Read more)