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‘The Control Group’ – Starring Chucky Himself, Brad Dourif!

Yes, folks, you read the title correctly! The new film from Wild Eye, The Control Group, is starring the one and only Chucky from the Child’s Play series, Brad Dourif! Created at an estimated 1 Million dollar budget, the film… (Read more)


This week’s penultimate episode of BLACK SAILS sets up everything for the series finale and a very intense way. It’s gonna be hard to say goodbye to this one. Below we have a couple of clips and images that may… (Read more)


No matter how you felt about RESIDENT EVIL THE FINAL CHAPTER, we know you want more. Thankfully, the crew behind the first two CGI movies are back with an all new film to keep the horror of Resident Evil alive…. (Read more)

First Teaser For Black Fawn Films THE HERETICS

There is nothing better than a good witch movie and THE HERETICS, which debuts at the Canadian Film Fest  looks like the perfect film for that kind of scare. We have the first teaser today so check it out below…… (Read more)

My Enemy My Friend – BLACK SAILS XXXVI

We began to see the new world last week on BLACK SAILS as Jack and Max visited the Guthrie house in Philadelphia to attempt to win him as a partner. Though that didn’t go as planned, they found a partner… (Read more)

Game Review: The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

To often do we get games that don’t deliver based on their instant recognizable characters. In other words, a terrible game is often released because it has a name character attached. By the logic, I was weary of The Incredible… (Read more)

Blumhouse Announces ‘Truth or Dare’ – To Star Lucy Hale

Powerhouse production company Blumhouse is on fire right now! With their recent releases of Split and Get Out, Blumhouse is dominating the box office, which is a beautiful thing. According to Variety Blumhouse’s newest venture will be a feature entitled Truth… (Read more)