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Bluray Review: JIGSAW Is A Welcome Return To Form

Does JIGSAW contain the missing piece for horror? Maybe so. Horror has been dead for some time, hardcore horror anyways. When JIGSAW was first announced I was skeptical about the quality of the film and the intentions of the studio… (Read more)

LOST SOLACE To Hit iTunes This Month

Psychological thrillers are always a welcome genre and the latest to come our way seems to be packing a punch. LOST SOLACE follows a young psychopath on a journey to self realization. This promises to be a film like no other… (Read more)

Full Poster For DEMON HOUSE

Coming this March is DEMON HOUSE, a whole new address to be afraid of. We now have a full poster that is actually kinda retro in the best 70’s kinda way. Have a look below… As mass hysteria breaks-out over… (Read more)

The Soska’s Debut DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK Comes To Bluray

If there was always something missing in my collection it was Jen and Sylvia Soska’s Dead Hooker In A Trunk. Yes I have it on DVD but I always wanted this fantastic feature on Bluray with my other Soska films…. (Read more)

Review: Another Wolfcop

Another Wolfcop is an animal. The animal has its rights like man, so let it run about freely; and you, my dear fellow man, are still this animal, in spite of all! Cyborg cops are overrated! There´s nothing better than… (Read more)


Amityville isnt the only haunted house in town worth investigating. This March, you will be introduced to DEMON HOUSE so be prepared to be scared of a whole new address. Los Angeles, CA – January 12, 2018 – Freestyle Digital Media,… (Read more)

HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT Gets A Proper Trailer And Release Details

For years we have been waiting for Hellraiser to rear its pinned head again and now, after a couple of false starts, we have our first proper look at HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT starring Randy Wayne, Heather Langenkamp and Rheagan Wallace. Street Date: 2/13/18… (Read more)