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Richard Hatch enters an Asylum of Darkness this April

Who doesn’t love Tiffany Shepis? Well put her and Tim Thomerson together along with Richard Hatch and you know that you are in for some goodness. The film is Asylum of Darkness from Wildeye Releasing and we have the first… (Read more)

RINGS Set to Come Out Of Your TV This Month!

Samara returns to your TV and beyond in RINGS, the chilling new Ring film from Paramount. This time around, a careless professor has his students experiment with the tape to see if it’s true. Madness ensues. Read on for more… (Read more)

Blumhouse’s SPLIT Goes Digital Tomorrow

One of the best thrillers in years comes home tomorrow, I;m talking about SPLIT from Blumhouse and M. Night. Shyamalan. The film will be available from iTunes, Google Play, Vudu and more. Are you ready for it? Read on for… (Read more)

Creator Jonathan Steinberg On The Past, Present And Future Of BLACK SAILS

With Sundays incredible season finale, BLACK SAILS came to its conclusion. After four years, the pirates of Nassau have reached their ends, some literal, some figurative and some metaphorical. Though the ending was sincerely satisfying, and more than complete, there… (Read more)

‘Chupacabra Territory’ Is Coming!

Most of us have heard the stories of the Chupacabra [goat-sucker] over the years as this legendary creature in folklore has been passed down by storytellers. Reports of this creatures first sightings had been in Puerto Rico, and accusations were… (Read more)

Ends And Beginnings – BLACK SAILS Series Finale

As we settled down for the final episode of BLACK SAILS, there were many questions as to where it will end. Who would make it out alive? I must admit, I didn’t see how that was going to happen. The… (Read more)

Get Wrapped Up In The Latest Trailer For THE MUMMY

An all new trailer for the mummy has shown up and sheds more light on Universal’s intention with the new film. It appears that the mummy is not the only monster in the film. This is an exciting surprise. Enjoy…… (Read more)