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Digital Celluloid: Silent Hill: Book of Memories. Why is everyone hating? (PSV)

A while back, Konomi announced a new Silent Hill game : Book of Memories. Cool, right? Not so much. Apparently, Konomi didn’t properly communicate with the fan base before the announcement and as you might have guessed, things did not… (Read more)

New Four part Resident Evil Retribution behind the scenes video will infect you!

Today we have a new four part Resident Evil Retribution behind the scenes featurette! All four parts together total almost 30 minutes of zombie goodness. Check them out below! Alice fights alongside a resistance movement in the continuing battle against… (Read more)

13 Question Marks of Horror: The Hard Cut Director Vince D’Amato

Vince D’Amato is a Film maker originally out of Canada. His production company, Creepy Six Films, has been growing constantly into a force to be reckoned with on the independent scene. I spoke to Vince recently about his Films, his… (Read more)

Digital Celluloid: Resident Evil 6 : Leon Gameplay trailer

It looks like the Resident Evil video game series is getting things back to wear we all want them, classic zombie game play. There has been so much Resident Evil stuff lately that I’m wondering if we are indeed gonna… (Read more)

Digital Celluloid: Playstation brings teen horror home: Until Dawn (PS3)

I love horror video games. It’s about all that I play. And even tough I love Resident Evil and Silent Hill, it would be nice to have more of a selection. It looks like Play Station has answered my prayers… (Read more)

Digital Celluloid: Resident Evil 6 hits the streets of…Poland?

It seems that some people couldn’t wait and Resident Evil 6 has some how leaked to the streets of Poland. I’m not sure how it could have but take a look for yourself below. Some how, some way, Resident Evil… (Read more)

New Alice and Ada Resident Evil Retribution Clip!

Axeman returns in this new Resident Evil Retribution clip. In this one, Alice and Ada throw-down in the street agaist not just one, but two Axemen! Enjoy. One of the reasons this one is so full of characters from the… (Read more)