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Get to know Michonne in this NEW Walking Dead Behind the scenes clip and Promo!

Just a couple of more weeks until zombies will be upon us again on The Walking Dead. This season brings in fan Favorite Michonne, a Katana wielding bad-ass! Played by Danai Gurira, Michonne is coming the set the world of… (Read more)

Want to see the Engineers from the Prometheus Alternate Opening? They’re in here!

You all know by now that I LOVE Prometheus! Well with the BD a week away, we have a new promo that showcases the scene many of us are looking forward to. Check it out below… A team of explorers… (Read more)

Two NEW Posters for The Collection Tie Things Up Nice and Tight!

Coming our way Thanksgiving, The Collection aims to disturb us in a way that Saw never could. I found the first one quite the surprise as I was prepared for a slasher of sorts but instead got an ingenious and… (Read more)

Our first Behind the scenes look at HBO’s Hitchcock atrocity:The Girl

With October coming fast and interest mounting, The Girl , HBO’s film chronicling the supposed of Alfred Hitchock for Tippi Hedren, gives us our first behind the scenes look. I’m still greatly opposed to this film, but I’m glad that… (Read more)

Digital Celluloid:First Screen Shots and Reveal Trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Zombies!

Realizing that people love zombies, COD:Black Ops will have a full on zombie mode this time. What’s in store for us? Nothing but flesh eating goodness! Check out the trailer and screen shots below… Treyarch’s Mark Lamia gave us this… (Read more)

Want to see a glimpse of the V/H/S/ Aborted Ending?

Simon Barrett, writer of both the wrap around V/H/S/ Segment “Tape 56” and “The Strange Thing That Happened to Emily When She Was Younger” offers a glimpse of the V/H/S/ that we will never see. Check it out below and… (Read more)

New Grave Encounters 2 Poster Drags you in!

I passed on the first Grave Encounters for weeks before finally giving it a shot and being pleasantly surprised. Don’t make the same mistake. See it when it drops! To help entice you, check out the full NEW poster below…… (Read more)