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The Zombie Effect: The Films of Rob Zombie

Since posting the zombie news about his upcoming hockey film, I thought it was time for retrospective. For some unknown reason, horror fans like to bitch about Rob Zombie movies. WTF! He makes dirty, violent, interesting films, but for some,… (Read more)

Review: Nightbreed: The Cabal Cut (1990/2011)

“Men or money? Whenever I cry it’s usually men or money” Since 1987, I have been a huge Clive Barker fan. I collected Coenobium (The Clive Barker fanzine), had all the books and even owned “Transmutations” and “Rawhead Rex”. So… (Read more)

Retro Review: ALIEN (1979)

“In space, no one can hear you scream” Horror and Sci-Fi are often grouped together as if it was a natural thing. It’s interesting that there are so few space/ horror films. It’s just something that doesn’t happen very often… (Read more)

Bloody Bloody Bible Camp (2011)

I like 80’s slashers. They’re straight to the point. The guys are all after sex, the girls get their points (in more ways than one) and then they both get the killers point! Now that retro horror is making a… (Read more)

Retro Review: Blue Blood (1973)

Oliver Reed is my hero. He was just such an awesome actor. The first time I remember seeing him was in Night Creatures and I thought he was just bad ass. He did all kinds of roles but nothing like… (Read more)

Retro Review: The Hanging Woman (1973)

I love movies about people that go to strange places and enter a terrifying supernatural world. Hell, even Rocky Horror falls under that category. They used to make a lot of films like that and one of my favorites is… (Read more)

Monster Mash: Werewolf vs. the Vampire Woman AKA Werewolf Shadow (1971)

“Things happen that have never been seen by human beings. The blood flows like vintage wine.” I love a good monster mash, vampires, werewolves, zombies, all fighting over each other’s prey. Sure, Universal invented it, but Europe did it better…. (Read more)