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Hitchcock comes to reclaim his crown! Poster, release date and pics for the film!

Ever since I first heard about this project, I’ve been all over it. Needless to say, I am a 100% Psychophile (yes, that’s a word). You know I’ve been on the fence about even watching the HBO film “The Girl”… (Read more)

13 Question Marks of Horror with The Other Side ‘s Santoro Brothers

Alex and Oli Santoro are a directing team to be reckoned with. Their first feature “The Other Side” is technically a short, but plays so complete and is shot with such scope that it defies the format definition. Not only… (Read more)

American Mary comes to work her magic on America!

The Twisted Twins are coming to Austin, Texas for the U.S. premiere of American Mary! That’s right, Jen and Sylvia Soska are bringing the horror to America (where we need it)! This film promises to get under your skin like… (Read more)

Psycho room for rent: Two new gals check into the Bates Motel!

Rooms are starting to fill up at The Bates Motel. It seems that there will be plenty of beautiful women on hand for Norman to knock off (or emulate!). Check out the two new hotties below… Olivia Cooke of The… (Read more)

Fifth and Final V/H/S/ poster comes with a digital fury!

Well, I figured there would be five (though six wasn’t out of the question technically) and now we are done. The last V/H/S/ poster salutes “Tuesday the 17th”, a wild and modern take on the kids in the woods slasher… (Read more)

Digital Celluloid: Resident Evil 6 Demo is LIVE!

After a whole lot of anticipation and two kick ass movies within a week, The Resident Evil 6 demo is available to keep the streak alive. This game kicks ass! The only problem is that it leaves you wanting a… (Read more)

The Collection Trailer is here and its messed up!

I really felt The Collector was genius. He was a new kind of killer that could think like Jigsaw but had a immoral motivation. It reminded me of an old Vertigo comic called “The Extremist”. Not in story, just visually,… (Read more)