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Halloween Horror Nights: Leatherface comes to get you in 3D this Halloween after all!

Even though Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D has been bumped to 2013, Leatherface will still be tearing up audiences this Halloween. Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights keeps adding to one of the best parties in town with “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The… (Read more)

Prometheus UK Blu Ray Breakdown Surfaces!

I’m sorry, but Prometheus was a damn near perfect film. Maybe not the film we thought we should get, but the film Ridley Scott wanted to make. I’ve been vigilantly watching for any new details and now we have official… (Read more)

Wear a bit of Pinhead’s flesh on yours: Fright Rags Summons up a Limited Edition Hellraiser Shirt!

Just in time for Hellraiser’s 25th Anniversary, Fright Rags is releasing a shirt of such grotesque beauty, you’ll want to sell your soul to possess it. Known for producing some of the best and most unique shirts on the planet,… (Read more)

Liebster Blog Award Winner!

This morning I was greeted by an email from HorrO of and to my pleasant surprise, I received a Liebster Blog Award! I started this blog in February of 2011 to get out a need to write about the… (Read more)

Ada Wong Can Hang In Your Room: New Resident Evil Retribution Poster

The latest R.E. Retribution poster is out and classic character Ada Wong finally gets some action! Resident Evil Retribution is bringing things back to basics and with that its brings some MAJOR characters into the fold for the first time!… (Read more)

The Shark Never Worked Better! JAWS (1975)

Well we’ve looked at the worst, we’ve looked at the weirdest and the most laughable, it’s time to look at the best.  I thought I would conclude the Sinful Celluloid Craptacular Shark Week with the one film that is anything… (Read more)

Rock and Shock Fim Festival Now Accepting Submissions!

Worcester, Massachusetts’ Rock and Shock Film Festival is on its way back to raise hell, and they want you to join the cause! Entries are now being taken for this year’s film festival and don’t worry, your film will be… (Read more)