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Wrong Turn 5 Might Be A Drive in the Right Direction

I really didn’t like Wrong Turn 4. I think that taking them out of the woods was a big turn off. Much like Jason Takes Manhattan, it was a step to try and keep things fresh, but unfortunately, it didn’t… (Read more)

Resident Evil Retribution Takes you to Mother Russia with a new Featurette!

With just two weeks left to fill your head with thoughts of zombie goodness, Resident Evil brings you a new featurette covering the extensive location creation. New footage and interviews abound. Plus: Zombies on motorcycles! Oh the Deadworld fan inside… (Read more)

New V/H/S/ Featurette Proves That There Is A Method To The Madness!

After months of speculation, V/H/S/ is upon us. And I have to tell you, this film rocks! If you are unable to check it out yet (or just jonesing for more), here is a newly released featurette that takes us… (Read more)

The Psycho Series: New Secrets of the Bates Motel Revealed!

Though I’m excited about the Psycho series. I am wondering how they are going to pull it off. With the first casting coming out just a couple of days ago, it seems that things are moving along. Now, thanks to… (Read more)

Resident Evil Retribution Site Just Keeps Getting Better! New Game!

There is no stopping the Resident Evil train this time around. A host of new goodies are still on the horizon, but today they’ve launched : Resident Evil: Street Invasion! Play on your own street with out leaving the house…. (Read more)

First House At The End Of The Street Clip Comes Right Up And Knocks!

Today we got the first clip from the new thriller House At The End Of The Street starring Jennifer Lawrence and Elisabeth Shue. The clip is called dishes, you tell me why. Check it out after the jump. A mother… (Read more)

V/H/S/ is on VOD Right Now! New clip to entice you!

V/H/S/ dropped at midnight and it is a glorious thing. Magnet Entertainment and Magnolia Pictures have released a new teaser to lure you in. Have a look… “When a group of petty criminals is hired by a mysterious party to… (Read more)