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Music that you can die to: Top 13 Horror Soundtracks

The horror movie soundtrack is kind of a time honored tradition. All films of course need music but few genres rely so heavily on it more than horror. From Psycho to Halloween and beyond, it’s the sounds of horror that… (Read more)

JAWS TOO: The Last Shark (1981)

“It wasn’t a Mako, wasn’t a Tiger, There’s only one shark big enough to cause that kinda damage!” I am a huge Jaws fan. Hell, I must have seen it in the theater over 15 times between the initial run… (Read more)

The Wolf Men of Spain: Game of Werewolves is coming!

  It’s nice to see that monsters are coming back into fashion. It seems that more than any other, 2012 is the year of the werewolf. Not only is Universal releasing a brand new werewolf film in October, but Spain… (Read more)

New Resident Evil Retribution Featurette: Alice’s Story

With the summer winding down, and its release date looming closer, Resident Evil: Retribution is gonna keep showering us with goodies. Released today is a new featurette detailing Alice’s story. Read on for the film synopsis and video. “The Umbrella… (Read more)

The Cutting Room in Space: Prometheus Deleted Scenes List!

We all know that there is lots more Prometheus to see and when it comes to Ridley Scott, sometimes a look or a gesture says a thousand words. Well the awesome have been searching far and wide for any additional… (Read more)

Resident Evil: Retribution wants you to join the Umbrella Corporation!

Every time we get a new Resident Evil film, I get excited. They just fun, even though they have strayed so far from the game itself. Starting as a sort of side story to the original game, the R.E. film… (Read more)

Rob Zombie Livestream Album Premiere

I used to love listening parties. People would get together at a record store or club and they would “premiere” the album, playing it from start to finish and everyone could enjoy the shared experience. They don’t really have “Listening… (Read more)