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Get deeper into Alfred Hitchcock in HBO’s The Girl: Full Trailer

I’m still on the fence with this but here is the full trailer for HBO’s Tippi Hedren centric Hitchcock film. Whatcha think?  The Girl centers on Hitchcock and his obsession with The Birds star Tippi Hedren. Toby Jones is Hitchcock… (Read more)

Rob Zombie’s Lords of Salem Premieres at Midnight! Creepy NEW still plus a look at the posters so far!

Tonight at midnight, Rob Zombie will unleash his Lords at the Toronto Film Festival! I expect word to spread like wildfire. With the burning anticipation comes new goodness. Check out the truly creepy new image below. All I can say… (Read more)

Death Fetish: Artwork and stills for The Collection

If you were lucky enough to catch The Collector in theaters, then you know what an uncompromising film that was. Just raw, but still entertaining. Well since we had so much fun last time, there’s a sequel coming our way… (Read more)

New Prometheus Deleted scene stills. The flood gates are opening!

Now that Prometheus is ready for its Digital Download, I expect a slew of new pics to show up in the next few days. But right now we have some sweet new pics to enjoy including one that looks vaguely… (Read more)

Digital Celluloid: New Resident Evil Damnation Clip: Evacuation!

In five days Resident Evil Retribution hits theaters. And then, on September 25th, Prepare for Damnation! Resident Evil Damnation, the CGI animated film will bridge the gap between Resident Evil 5 and 6, and comes just in time to set… (Read more)

The Lost Poe film: The Haunting of Morella (1990)

There are few Poe films that I haven’t seen. Being a fan of his work, I love to see any of the films “based” on his stories. I say that in quotes because so few are. Poe films are more… (Read more)

First Clip and stills from the Eli Roth produced/starring Aftershock

It’s been a long time since we’ve had an earthquake disaster flick. living in Los Angeles, they always give me a little jolt (no pun intended). Well Eli Roth is back with a vengeance, not only with a new film… (Read more)