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Review: Tintorera: Killer Shark (1977)

“There’s a monstrous killer churning up the sea… Tintorera …Tiger Shark” What? There are even more killer shark flicks for Sinful Celluloid’s Craptacular Shark Week? God yes! Moving right along, we are going to jump from Italy to Mexico with… (Read more)

Return of the Italian Shark: Cruel Jaws (1995)

“There’s only one shark that can do that kind of damage. A Tiger Shark!” Well it’s too bad the shark seen in the abundant stock footage and bobbing up and down in the water was a Great White!  Yep, craptacular… (Read more)

New Elvira’s Bloody Madness ! New Set available for Pre-order!

  I really enjoyed having Elvira come back into my bedroom every Saturday Night last year. And though it looks like we are only getting one season of the new Movie Macabre, we haven’t seen everything yet! This September, Elvira… (Read more)

New Stills Released for Resident Evil: Retribution

I’m pretty excited about the new Resident Evil: Retribution. Not only are we getting a bigger story, but some of my personal favorite characters are returning. Today we have new pics released including Carlos, Jill Valentine, and Ada Wong. Check… (Read more)

Rob Zombie commercial does something “Witchy”

Zombie’s directing resume is ever expanding; you begin to wonder if the man even sleeps anymore. Rob Zombie commercial does something “Witchy” and the look and feel screams “Lords of Salem.”   

Rob Zombie Updates on New Album Status!

  The Zombie machine just keeps on rockin! With the release of Zombie’s remix album “Mondo Sex Head” this week, all eyes are on the new record. Zombie has been in the studio recording his follow up to Hellbilly Deluxe… (Read more)

The Walking Dead Overrun Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights!

This year it looks like n one will be able to escape the Walking Dead in Hollywood. Universal Studios had announced a Walking Dead maze earlier this summer that drove people wild. Perhaps based on that overwhelming response, the flood… (Read more)