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Straight to video horror

  I remember when I would go to the video store and spend hours browsing the horror section looking for something to cause me trauma. My hands were so full of possibilities that I had to leave them at the… (Read more)

How to Marry A Necrophiliac: The Horrible Dr. Hichcock (1962)

A black screen and some credits, nothing more. I settled comfortably into my favorite corner of the couch, then…a scream! Not a regular scream but one that curdles your blood. I spilled some of my popcorn as I jumped. I… (Read more)

Where Have All The Classic Monsters Gone?

  I was rewatching Van Helsing recently and wondered, why did this film fail? What went wrong with the classic monsters? It was a fun film that…wait a minute, did I say FUN? Ah, yes I did, and that’s the… (Read more)

The Greatest Vampire Movie Never Made: Hammer Films Vampirella

  In the late 1980’s, I discovered one of the more enduring horror characters of all time. A beautiful, raven haired, vampire from outer space, a woman named Vampirella. Vampirella was created by Forrest J. Ackerman in 1969 for James… (Read more)

Four Color Terror: Horror Comics

  I was watching the brilliant 2007 film Trick R Treat yesterday. Every time I watch it I am reminded of what Halloween should be. No, not the murder and sacrifices, but the Witches, Vampires, Zombies, and the like that… (Read more)

Lesbian Blood: Hammer’s Karnstein Trilogy (1970-1971)

    The Vampire Lovers (1970) “You must die! Everybody must die!” On November 23rd 2010, two days after her 73rd birthday, Ingrid Pitt left this world. She has worn the crown of Queen of vampires for 40 years despite… (Read more)

Send More Zombies: Return of the Living Dead (1985)

“No one understands me, you know that? I fucking bust my ass for you guys and what do I get? You’re spooky. Fuck you man, fuck you all!” In 1985, I was discovering my love for zombies and my attachment to… (Read more)