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Lords of Salem TIFF Premiere Schedule Released

With the Zombie machine in full force, there’s no stopping the coming of his Lords. You know its coming to TIFF and know you will know when and where, so you’re not running around like a chicken with its head… (Read more)

First Teaser for HBO’s Alfred Hitchcock Bio Film “The Girl”

I’ve been on the fence about this project. Is it anti Hitchcock (Unheard of and ballsy), how much of this story is confirmed by reliable sources?, etc.  After all, Alfred Hitchcock was just a man, an exceptional film maker, but… (Read more)

Eli Roth Gets Closer to Celebrating Thanksgiving!

When Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving faux trailer lit up the screen during the Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez double feature “Grindhouse”,  the buzz was immediate and definite, people wanted more. NECA even produced a T-shirt and poster, not only that, but Eli wanted… (Read more)

Resident Evil Retribution Unleashes The Virus With Three Official Clips!

It was only a matter of time. Following the Jill Valentine/Alice clip that leaked a couple of days ago, Sony has released three additional Official clips for Resident Evil Retribution. We’re finally getting a little more of what’s in store… (Read more)

At Last! Prometheus U.S. Disc Release News!

I said I would give you a confirmation as soon a possible, here ya go. Information on the Prometheus BD Collectors set coming to the U.S. in October. Info and Picks below.Thanks to our friends at and  We… (Read more)

I’ll be watching you…Paranormal Activity 4 Releases First Official Still

So far Paranormal Activity 4 has kept a steady but piece meal stream of information that has really amped up the anticipation for this film. The trailer Teasers were original and the creepy cell phone vids rock. Now Paramount Pictures… (Read more)

Will the Absolute Goodness of the Prometheus Evolution Boxset ever stop?

Just when you thought that the Prometheus to Alien 9 disc set couldn’t get any more desirable, the UK set went up for preorder and take a look at the physical extras that come with it. I’m gonna have to… (Read more)