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Will the Absolute Goodness of the Prometheus Evolution Boxset ever stop?

Just when you thought that the Prometheus to Alien 9 disc set couldn’t get any more desirable, the UK set went up for preorder and take a look at the physical extras that come with it. I’m gonna have to… (Read more)

Fright Rags Hellraiser Limited Edition shirt is On sale NOW…but thats not all! !

You knew it was coming, well, its here! The Limited Edition kick ass Hellraiser shirt from the guys at Fright Rags. But that’s not all that they have up their wicked little sleeves today. Check out the other goodies they… (Read more)

What happens in Vegas will definitely stay in Vegas! Eli Roth’s Brand of Horror is coming year round!

Eli Roth hit the horror scene like a Mack truck with his awesome cabin in woods gone wrong, Cabin Fever. He’s been one of the busiest men working in the genre since but its been very hush hush. Not anymore…. (Read more)

American Mary Joins The Original Home of Horror

Those of you that read me regularly know that I’ve been a fan of the Soska Sisters since watching their incredible debut “Dead Hooker in a Trunk”. I have been dying to see who was going to pick up their… (Read more)

The Frankenstein Monster and his Bride return to the Big Screen this Halloween

Most everyone into monsters grew up watching the Universal Horror Films on TV in their youth as I did, curled up on the couch in my childhood home. My favorites were Dracula, Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein. I have… (Read more)

Whispers of Death Abound: Silent Scream (1980)

The 1980’s were kind of a transition point for horror. Slashers were coming into power while studios were still holding on to classic conventions to a point. Some films that came out during this time mixed classic atmospheric imagery like… (Read more)

A Small Rob Zombie Lords of Salem Update. Is the Trailer coming soon?

With its Toronto looming ever closer, the finishing touches are being put on Rob Zombie’s magnum opus, The Lords of Salem. With that we have a bit of new info on the film plus some new pics. Take a look… (Read more)