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Retro Review: Dr. Jekyll versus the werewolf (1972)

There’s nothing cooler than when two monsters go head-to-head. It seems like a no-brainer, but it really isn’t something that happens all that often. Sure, we had monster mash is like House of Frankenstein and House of Dracula, both for… (Read more)

Living dead girl: A Virgin among the Living Dead (1973)

“Hey miss, you shouldn’t go around showing your ass” “And why not?” Jess Franco is a strange one. He is revered as much as he is condemned for his extreme sexuality and almost nonsensical story telling style. His films are… (Read more)

Retro Review: The Blind Dead: Ghost Galleon (1974)

 AKA Horror of the Zombies “Come on Greta, Lean back and stick them out.” I’m a big fan of pirates and I love zombies. They just seem to go hand in hand. It was this pairing that was on my… (Read more)

Friday the 13th hotties: The Sexy Celluloid Sinners of Camp Crystal Lake

If you grew up loving 80s horror movies like the Friday the 13th series it partially because of the women. Let’s face it, most of the men in the series were morons, assholes, or the worst that comic con would… (Read more)

American Mary Official Trailer cuts like a knife!

One of the best things about comic con is a the premiers and sneak peeks that come along with it. After their excellent first film “Dead Hooker in a Trunk”. You know I’ve been excited about the Soska sisters new film… (Read more)

Till death do us part: The Night Evelyn Came out of her Grave (1971)

“It’s not uncommon for a man to want to do strange things to get his kicks” Have you ever had a film that you rarely watch, but somehow, it stays at the forefront of your mind? That’s my deal with… (Read more)

Retro Review: Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror (1981)

When I would go into the video store looking for a new shock, I would always pick up the movies that didn’t have any pictures on the box. It just seemed that it was soooo terrifying that they couldn’t show… (Read more)