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Little Girl Lost: Entrance (2012)

I love Los Angeles. Born and raised and couldn’t really imagine living anywhere else. The city I see through my eyes is one of neighborhoods and families, artists and film makers, the people who grow up here and those who… (Read more)

Review: Red, White, and Blue (2010)

Horror in fantasy has the power to scare you. To make you look down the hallway at night with the fear you’ll see something seeing you. It conjures up images of creatures, castles and unstoppable forces, things that most of… (Read more)

Bikers vs. Bigfoot! Dear God No! (2011)

When I was young my mother took me to go see “Born losers” in the theater. It’s tame now but at the time it seemed like nothing I should have ever been watching. I did, however, fall in love with… (Read more)

Review: Fright Night (2011)

Fright Night sets the bar high for itself with its graphic and chilling vampiric opening home invasion. After a picturesque credit sequence we meet Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin) and his too hot for him girlfriend Amy (Imogen Poots) on their… (Read more)

Review: Who goes there now? The Thing (2011)

I love The Thing! I remember watching the original on a Saturday afternoon with my grandfather. He didn’t like that type of film, but he let me watch it. The idea that something we know and trust could not be… (Read more)

Retro Review: Black Candles (1982)

Every now and again I come across a film I have never heard of that blows my mind, but never like this. A lot of things get blown in José Ramón Larraz’s 1982 satanic opus Black Candles . If you… (Read more)

Review: A Serbian Film (2010)

“Something big is about to happen” One thing about watching horror as I do is that you’ve seen it all. It’s like a drug that every time you do it, you need a bigger hit. It takes you longer and… (Read more)