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Love bites: Count Dracula’s Great Love (1974)

One of the things I love about these films is that they start off with a normal banal trip that detours into bloody terror. I think vampires are perfect for this kind of story. They are the most charming of… (Read more)

Joyride without a crew: Dead hooker in a trunk (2009)

“It must suck to be in the trunk” I come across a lot of films, some good, most bad, and every once in a while, a true gem, a movie that you can’t conceive of your collection without owning. When… (Read more)

Retro Review : Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks (1974)

Frankenstein movies are kinda hit and miss aren’t they. The story itself has been done so many times with varying success that it really doesn’t affect us anymore. Personally, I think the best films outside of the Universal and Hammer… (Read more)

Retro Review: Dawn of the Mummy (1981)

The poor Mummy, always neglected. I was reading today that the mummy doesn’t even count as a zombie. The Mummy wasn’t even invited to Universal’s Monster mashes of the 40’s, they settled instead on a “hunchback”! REALLY? If you read… (Read more)

Two Dead Are Better Than One: Nightmare Castle (1965)

Black and White film plays better when it’s grey outside. I don’t know what it is. Late night counts as well and I find myself often reaching for a Gothic classic around midnight. Last night was no exception since I… (Read more)

Retro Review: Freight Train of Fright: Horror Express (1972)

I remember watching channel 5 when I was young waiting for whatever cool movie they were going to show that night. They played a lot of horror so I would just sit down and watch. One movie they played often… (Read more)

Retro Review: One more Danse in the dark: Web of the Spider (1971)

It’s rare to have a film maker remake his own film, only a few have even tried. I love 1964’s “Danse Macabre” starring Barbara Steele so I’ve always been curious about this remake known by many names including Web of… (Read more)