Praise be the American Gods: A Deep Look At the Series (With Spoilers)

Prescience is a word I think of when it comes to Neil Gaiman’s work. It means foresight, foreknowledge- and is a word applicable to Gods, whatever effect they may or may not have on our lives. The new Starz adaptation… (Read more)

Recap: AMERICAN GODS Eps 3 – Head Full Of Snow

As has become a theme of its own, the opening teaser is once again unsettling and showstopping. An older woman is making food for her family. She gets up on a stool and reaches high above the cabinet to grab… (Read more)


“Once upon a time…a man got fucked.” 1697. A slave ship. A very modern man is explaining to the cargo what there life will be like in America when they reach shore. Getting them worked up, they burn the ship,… (Read more)

STARZ’ AMERICAN GODS Proves TV Is Where Genre Truly Belongs

There was a time when TV was the worst place for horror and fantasy. The restrictions and format was just not suitable. That feeling has changed in recent years, but it may have never been more indisputable than with the… (Read more)

#SDCC 2016 Watch The First Trailer For AMERICAN GODS

It’s been one struggle or another to get Neil Gaiman to the screen. His work can be difficult to adapt in a conventional way. But STARZ may have cracked the code as they unveil their first trailer for AMERICAN GODS…… (Read more)