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BLACK SAILS: Jonathan Steinberg Talks Blackbeard, Idelle, Goals, And Adapting Treasure Island

With the release of BLACK SAILS season 4 on Blu-ray today, it felt like it was time for one final discussion with show creator Jonathan Steinberg. Was there ever a plan to adapt Treasure Island? Was Idelle always a principal character… (Read more)

Release Details For BLACK SAILS The Final Season

It’s been a while since BLACK SAILS ended its bloody tale of piracy. It has seemed like an eternity since we have sailed with the crew of the Walrus but this month you can complete your collection. Read on for… (Read more)

Creator Jonathan Steinberg On The Past, Present And Future Of BLACK SAILS

With Sundays incredible season finale, BLACK SAILS came to its conclusion. After four years, the pirates of Nassau have reached their ends, some literal, some figurative and some metaphorical. Though the ending was sincerely satisfying, and more than complete, there… (Read more)

Ends And Beginnings – BLACK SAILS Series Finale

As we settled down for the final episode of BLACK SAILS, there were many questions as to where it will end. Who would make it out alive? I must admit, I didn’t see how that was going to happen. The… (Read more)

Wanna See A Clip From The Final Episode Of BLACK SAILS?

This Sunday we will raise the black one final time as BLACK SAILS airs its series finale. The ground breaking story of Captain Flint and Long John Silver comes to its end in a spectacular and emotional fashion. We have… (Read more)

No Honor Among Thieves – BLACK SAILS XXXVII

This week’s BLACK SAILS starts off with an important point. Who a man was is least as important as who he is. This is an undeniable truth because that past is the only insight into how that man might behave… (Read more)


This week’s penultimate episode of BLACK SAILS sets up everything for the series finale and a very intense way. It’s gonna be hard to say goodbye to this one. Below we have a couple of clips and images that may… (Read more)