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No Honor Among Thieves – BLACK SAILS XXXVII

This week’s BLACK SAILS starts off with an important point. Who a man was is least as important as who he is. This is an undeniable truth because that past is the only insight into how that man might behave… (Read more)


This week’s penultimate episode of BLACK SAILS sets up everything for the series finale and a very intense way. It’s gonna be hard to say goodbye to this one. Below we have a couple of clips and images that may… (Read more)

My Enemy My Friend – BLACK SAILS XXXVI

We began to see the new world last week on BLACK SAILS as Jack and Max visited the Guthrie house in Philadelphia to attempt to win him as a partner. Though that didn’t go as planned, they found a partner… (Read more)


This weeks Black Sails will definitely satisfy as truth are spoken in several areas that we knew were coming. Like what? We have two clips that illustrate the point. One featuring Anne Bonny and the other featuring Woodes Rogers. Enjoy…… (Read more)

To Deal With The Devil – BLACK SAILS XXXV

Last week when we left Flint and Silver, they had returned to the maroon island to find pirates and slaves alike showing up from all over the West Indies and the Americas, to join the cause. To free the new… (Read more)

Clips And Preview For BLACK SAILS 4.7

As we get into the final third of the season (and show) the stakes are raised even higher for the pirates of Nassau. Check out the clips for this Sunday’s intense episode. Flint urges caution on an enraged Silver.  Max… (Read more)

Black Sails XXXIV The Consequences Of Our Actions

This week’s Black Sails was another example of why this show is a television game changer. So rarely are characters given the opportunity to live and breathe in such a real way. There’s a real sense of life and death… (Read more)