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New DAMIEN Teaser Looks At The Past


The latest teaser for DAMIEN really has him looking at the past using THE OMEN footage as its anchor. I like this idea and I’m curious to see where they take the new show. Have a look… “The ten-episode “Damien”… (Read more)

New Teasers For DAMIEN

One series I am looking forward to is DAMIEN. I do hope it will push the boundaries of good taste the way say The Final Conflict did! Time will tell. We have two new teasers today feed our desire for… (Read more)

DAMIEN Trailer Welcomes You Home

A new trailer has debuted for DAMIEN and I have to admit, it looks good! Not only that, but it ties back to the original film…excellent. Well last month we got a wicked backwards teaser that played on the “It’s… (Read more)

New DAMIEN Teaser Is All For You!

I formal horror journalist friend came up with a Damien TV show as a joke and a year later, we actually got one. Will it be good? I have to admit that I’m intrigued. This latest teaser actually reminds me… (Read more)

#SDCC The Trailer For DAMIEN Has Arrived!

A couple of New Years ago, a few friends and I had an Omen marathon where he (a noted horror journalist turned heavy hitter) came up with the idea of an Omen TV series as a joke. Well, here we… (Read more)