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Danzig LAST RIDE Video Debut!

A few months back, Iconic rocker Glenn Danzig teamed with Sinful Celluloid master sinner Christopher M. Jimenez for the first video from his latest album Black Laden Crown. The video is for the track LAST RIDE and was filmed at… (Read more)

EXCLUSIVE: Glenn Danzig’s Top 10 Horror Films For Halloween

Musically, nothing screams Halloween better than the music of Glenn Danzig. Whether it’s classic horror inspired songs from The Misfits, dark world understanding of Samhain, or pure evil of his namesake entitled project, Glenn has always drawn from and in… (Read more)

CONFIRMED: MISFITS To Reunite For Riotfest

Over the years, there have been tons of reports of a Misfits reunion with Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only. Blasted out everywhere as news when it was really just fan speculation or wishful thinking. However, sometimes these things have a… (Read more)

DANZIG And ROB ZOMBIE Announce Halloween Show

It seems like forever since there has been a meeting of horrific minds on stage. Not like this anyway. This year, Halloween will be EXTRA evil as Glenn Danzig and Rob Zombie have announced a co-headlining show in Las Vegas…. (Read more)

Review: Danzig Legacy TV Special

If you don’t know what it feels like to be in the realm of Danzig, I can only hope that you can experience the same trance like state that I feel when Danzig is playing. There are no¬†words for this… (Read more)