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Family Values in Sex of the Witch (1973) AKA Il Sesso della Strega

Anyone coming from a large family understands the obligations to one’s relatives, as well as the complications that arise from the death of a relative. Families with money however, will inevitably get into arguments about inheritance. The blood relation between… (Read more)

Till death do us part: The Night Evelyn Came out of her Grave (1971)

“It’s not uncommon for a man to want to do strange things to get his kicks” Have you ever had a film that you rarely watch, but somehow, it stays at the forefront of your mind? That’s my deal with… (Read more)

Can you see what I see?: Eyeball (1975)

Giallos are a great diversion. During their heyday, I believe there was nothing better, a crime or mystery thriller with sex and horror thrown into the mix. My favorite Giallo is Murder Mansion (1971), but Eyeball has a charm all… (Read more)