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‘Friday The 13th: The Game’ – Part VI Jason Revealed Along With More Treats!

Back in December fans were presented with footage from the forthcoming Friday The 13th: The Game! It looks absolutely stunning; definitely, a dream come true for Friday fans! Gun Media also went Live with the game’s BETA, this allowed individuals… (Read more)

Ryan’s Top Five ‘Friday The 13th Kills’

Over the past several years the day Friday the 13th has become another day when horror fans can rejoice and celebrate not only Jason but everything horror. Throughout the day we are greeted with “Happy Friday The 13th” or “Happy… (Read more)

Jason Voorhees Arrives In Mortal Kombat X

Though we will probably never get a proper horror icon video game (they are always in the works but never materialize), you can play Jason Voorhees in now in Mortal Kombat X. That’s right, arriving today from Warner Brothers Interactive… (Read more)

Jason Voorhees Joins Mortal Kombat X

Last year, Michael Myers joined Call of Duty: Ghosts. Many gamer/horror fans were confused and/or annoyed that the setting was a forest and Michael was equipped with an ax. Many fans obviously wanted Jason Voorhees for such a setting. Well,… (Read more)

Top 5 Friday The 13th Sex-Deaths

Jason (or his mother for that matter), have never been team players when it comes to letting you handle your business. There always seems to be a bit of jealousy that you are getting some and he isn’t. Well, since… (Read more)