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Release Details For Frankenstein Vs. The Mummy

Those who have been waiting for the epic battle between Frankenstein’s monster and the mummy can rejoice, your time has come! Frankenstein Vs. The Mummy, from writer/director Damien Leone, is on it’s way and it promises to be a battle worth… (Read more)

Retro Review: Dawn of the Mummy (1981)

The poor Mummy, always neglected. I was reading today that the mummy doesn’t even count as a zombie. The Mummy wasn’t even invited to Universal’s Monster mashes of the 40’s, they settled instead on a “hunchback”! REALLY? If you read… (Read more)

The Aquaman of Horror : Why we should love the Mummy!

  I like Mummy films. They area fun, if not repetitive sub genre of horror that I don’t feel gets the respect it deserves. To me, it seems that the mummy is treated kinda like the Aquaman of horror. Always… (Read more)