Dee Wallace Talks RED CHRISTMAS

With RED CHRISTMAS, Dee Wallace steps in as both Producer and Star in a twisted tale of decisions that come back to haunt a woman and her family. Recently, Dee sat down to explore her new film, and the challenges… (Read more)

Bluray Release Details For RED CHRISTMAS

Just in time for the nightmare that comes before Christmas, Dee Wallace’s RED CHRISTMAS arrives on BLURAY and DVD! If you haven’t seen this twisted tale yet, you need to! “A tightly constructed, unapologetically nasty little thriller, given depth and… (Read more)

Review: Red Christmas – When night falls, the terror begins

Red Christmas begins with news stories and imagery from abortion clinic protests. Next, we witness an explosion that rocks the clinic as an abortion is happening inside and the aborted baby is stolen. This sets up an interesting juxtaposition with… (Read more)

Dee Wallace Dreams Of A RED CHRISTMAS This Month

Christmas comes early for horror fans this year with the release of RED CHRISTMAS, starring Dee Wallace who is gonna deck the halls with buckets of blood. I could tell you about it but wouldn’t you rather see it? Watch the… (Read more)