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Event Review: THE PYRAMID Escape Room

Escape Rooms are always great. You are usually put into a room with a couple of strangers and forced to fight for your life by solving puzzles and working together. A few days ago I had the chance to experience… (Read more)

Interview: Grégory Levasseur Talks THE PYRAMID

The Pyramid was one of my favorite films last year. Smart, interesting, and most importantly, it brought something new to the table. Though produced by genre vet Alexandre Aja, it is directed by long time partner Grégory Levasseur, who was happy… (Read more)

Review: The Pyramid (2014) – Mady’s Take

I just finished watching The Pyramid for the first time. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this movie, so I was excited to see it. The film follows a father and daughter team of archaeologists accompanied by a… (Read more)

Review: The Pyramid (2014)

We know so little about the ancient Egyptians, especially when it came to their gods and ceremonies. They held so many secrets that the idea of what they were capable of is downright terrifying. In the new film, The Pyramid,… (Read more)

Check Out This Clip From The Pyramid Then Go See It!

The Pyramid is out  NOW and will definitely make up for the lack of good Egyptian themed horror . This all new take written by Nick Simon and Daniel Meersand takes everything you might expect to find inside a pyramid and… (Read more)

Clips Give A Peek At What’s Inside The Pyramid

The biggest mystery of The Pyramid is what exactly lies within it. I love that we don’t know what is going on there and even the hints that we have gotten don’t tell us much. However, the latest TV spots… (Read more)

The Pyramid Collapses Around You In Latest Clip

The Pyramid opens Friday. It’s not long now. A new clip has gone online that ensures that I will never go exploring again. What is it? I think the title “Collapses”says it all. It’s short and to the point, but… (Read more)