31 Days of Halloween #15 Black and Orange


Every holiday has a color or two that represent them. Halloween has the oddest of colors yet the most appropriate. Why? What is the deal with Black and Orange? Why of all the colors are they the ones that represent spirits and all things spooky? After all, ghost, graves, and witches aren’t Orange, so what gives?

I used to wonder what the deal was with Orange, eventually coming to the conclusion that it represented the pumpkin (hey, that’s little kid logic). The pumpkin is the Halloween Mascot so it made sense.  In actuality, the answer is much simpler and makes even more sense. Halloween in its purest form is an autumn holiday, when the leaves turn from green to orange. So what about black? It’s not because it’s cool. Being the holiday about the separation of the day and night, black most likely represented the night. Yep. That is why Black and Orange are the colors of Halloween. I do still like my pumpkin theory though.