Interview: Miranda Gets SCARED TOPLESS With Dave Zani

Miranda aka Dolly Hearts back again with something a little different this time. Since we are all sinners here I think I have found something we should all enjoy together! During some fun twitter shenanigans I came across an up and coming sexy Showtime TV movie that really caught my attention called Scared Topless! Can you guess why?? With a name like that you should all know I jumped at the opportunity to see what this is all about…I’m always looking for new prospects for our #TittyTuesday adventures here at Sinful Celluloid.  This one looks pretty hot and heavy, and maybe a little risk-eh if you know what I’m saying! Things got even better when I learned who was behind this film that claims they are bringing the cheese back to late night (another point on my scoreboard), Dave Zani (Grand Theft Auto V, Max Payne 3) wrote and produced this one, along side director Jim Wynorski (Chopping Mall, Revenge of the Swamp Thing.) I scored the chance to ask Dave Zani some questions about his up and coming movie and he had a lot of interesting things to say.

Scared Toples, scared topless watchMiranda- I LOVE the title as it is what attracted me to the film, was that always your choice for the title?

Dave- I love the fact that you love the title of the film, that’s definitely the reason why we decided to go with it. It was not the original title of the film, the original title of the film was actually called The Naked Ghost. We used that title all the way up through the filming process. I believe even the scripts that were handed out to the actors all said The Naked Ghost, and we changed the name maybe a week or two after we finished and me and Jim Wynorski were sitting around  bouncing around  titles and we came up with that one. We were like you know what that’s a winner, we’re gunna go with that. So Scared Topless, you love the name, I love the name as well and I appreciate that.

Miranda- Having previously worked on both Max Payne 3 and Grand Theft Auto V, which is more challenging, video games or live action?

Dave – Another excellent question. You know, they’re very different and they each pose there own set of obstacles and own set of aspects if that would make it easier. To compare my films to GTA5 is like not even really fair or any type of comparison because you know GTA cost 250 million to make and it took a thousand people over (several) continents. There’s so many aspects. But of course when you are operating with a small budget film like myself, you have a certain amount of freedom, you’re not dealing with any big studios or anything like that, we can pretty much do what we want. It was very different, but I like both experiences.

scared topless watchMiranda- How did you get hooked up with Showtime?

Dave- Alright, I have a little bit of an interesting history with showtime. When I first graduated college in 2006, production was my major and I ended up getting a job with Showtime out in the broadcast department all the way out in Long Island. Where they broadcast the actual signal to all the different affiliates like cable vision or whatever and those affiliates deliver the signal to there customers you know to the consumer, to the person on the street. It was alot of fun, I worked kind of like an over night shift and I was a quality control person. My job was essentially to watch all the movies and TV shows and make sure they pass requirements of sound and picture and sometimes technical things could go wrong. I was really there to detect those issues and then if I was able to correct them and I did that for about 3 years. Then I left that job  and moved on to Rockstar Games  where I started to get more involved with animation and left that and now here I am with the Scared Topless thing and it’s gunna be on Showtime and honestly it’s funny ironically enough it has nothing to do with my previous employment at Showtime. I work with the distributor now who handles the pictures that we put together and Showtime was just one of the vendors that we pitched it to and they ended up liking the idea and going with it and these are people out west somewhere in La in offices there and they have no connection with the broadcast job that I used to have so it’s just funny how the world works sometimes you know?

Miranda- Am I going to feel scared watching Scared Topless or is it more of a sexual adventure than anything?

Dave-I will definitely say you will not be scared by Scared Topless, it is more of a sexual adventure than anything. That’s how I kinda got teamed up with Jim Wynorski in the first place, I had worked with him as a creature wrangler and his assistant on a few of these other types of films and I had become friends with him. Jim Wynorski’s a great guy, I have a lot of respect for him. So this follows that whole more sexual stuff with story, the focus on the story that was definitely the main aspect that drew me to this project. I want to try and tell the best story I can, and we have a low budget so sometimes you have to throw in some of the sex to get away with not having that much money to put on the screen, to keep people’s attention I guess, because that’s how business is. I’m very proud of it and I think that everyone’s going to really enjoy it, if you get what this is.

scared topless watchMiranda-Your twitter page claims you’re bringing the ‘cheese’ back to late night, what are some of your favourite cheesy horror films that you feel may have influenced this project?

Dave- Alright well, that’s my favorite question. I have a few films that I want to discuss quickly. They’re not all horror films but they’re all cheesey, grapey movies I guess but I going to do a run through quickly, here are 4 I picked out that I absolutely love, they are true to my heart that I watch all the time. The first one I’m going to mention is Deathstalker 2, which is a Jim Wynorski film from 1987, when Roger Corman was doing a lot of those Sword and the Sorcerer films, the Deathstalker series and Jim directed Deathstalker 2 I loved the comedic tone of it. Jim is a great director, low budget pulled together this amazing kind of goofy, cheesy I guess now, in a great way endearing to my heart. Deathstalker 2 is phenominal, when they open up and the evil sorcerer lady is like  “And I’ll get my revenge! And Deadstalker too!” and the music starts, a great opening theme by Chuck Cirino, it’s phenomenal. It’s just so funny and so goofy and I love it so that’s why Deathstalker 2 is one of the movies I picked for this. Another movie is by the director Andy Sidaris who I absolutely love, another great guy who is friends with Jim, another guy who has made a lot of movies with alot of beautiful women and makes sure there’s a story in it and it’s a movie called Hard Ticket to Hawaii from 1987 just another phenomenal movie, it’s more of an action film with these large ample breasted women and they are all kind of undercover agents, and enforcement agents, it takes place in Hawaii, there’s guys riding skateboards with rocket launchers and stuff like that.

Scared Topless WatchWomen in bikinis that are just amazing kung fu fighters and take on a whole brigallion of ninjas, you know stuff like that. I just love it, it’s a great film. It’s a classic, definitely. Another film that I picked, is another obscure film, it’s one of my favorite little weird exploitation B movies, it’s called The Sister in Law from 1974 and stars a very young John Savage. I don’t know what it is about this movie that captured me, it’s very titillating, but there’s something about the grain of the film and it takes place here in New York City and up in Westchester, and I’m very familiar with the Westchester area, I go up there a lot, all up the Hudson River Valley so to see some of these locations from the 70s is charming to me and brings some warmth to my heart but it’s just a very cheesy little movie, The Sister in Law go check it out. Just one of those weird movies, cheesy, sexy movies and I absolutely love it. The next one is a sexy horror film another little obscure picture, that I love that you would find in the big  box classic ma and pa VHS store type, some place in the mid 90s or something like that, it’s called Frankenstein Castle of Freaks and its a 1974 Italian horror film directed by Dick Randall and it’s loosely based on the Mary Shelley novel Frankenstein, very loosely based. But again this movie has great locations, an italian horror film so they were able to film it on site locations in Italy, with some really great ruins and stuff like that, very weird, very creepy, nudity, it has everything that you would want from a 1974 Italian horror film. I really love this movie, I have it on a few different dvds, I have it on a stand alone, I have it on a Roger Corman collection, I also have it presented by Elvira. Where she does an intro, every twenty minutes or so she’ll pop in and do some of her goofs and gags and it really makes it a fun watching experience. Frankenstein Castle of Freaks, go check it out. I love it. Those are my 4 movies I wanted to mention for that question.

Check out SCARED TOPLESS on Showtime!

Thanks Dave!