Review: DUDES & DRAGONS (2016)

If there was ever a movie that was a BRO or DUDE movie set in the olden days thy name be DUDES & DRAGONS! And it be the greatest dragon slayer movie of them all! The fair madam must be rescued and two brothers with their sidekicks must journey through the lands to collect their reward I mean her mind, and body..her love I suppose.

          Screen-Shot-2016-02-24-at-10.46.04-PMMany years ago, like knights and dragons age..because dragons are very real. Two brothers Camilan and Ramicus far from close, one is getting ready to bewed  a beautiful elf Larec who is injured and in order for him to save her he must bring back what injured her, a dragons claw. The other got Luke Perry killed! Ramicus is a bounty hunter and the bad boy with his orc buddy who are both skilled in combat and best buddies. The two brothers come across a distress call from a mysterious beauty and both of their days become a rescue mission for the beauty Ennogard who is being held captive by..her cousin. But it is ok because that’s how it is in some cultures, where? I don’t know but hey the times are changing.

         unnamed The time is ticking till the sun rise after tomorrow when the magic that will heal Larec will no longer work. And to also save Ennogard so Ramicus can claim the land and the madam as well, if that’s what he so desires. Ramicus has a best friend an orc who is his faithful no English-speaking companion. While those two are partners Camila nalos has a servant named Samton, don’t call him Sam! Will these four unlikely hero’s save the day? Or will the days end dark and full of sorrow?

         Dudes-Dragons-image2 This movie was fantastic! Just a damn fun time! It doesn’t take itself too seriously which is nice because this is not a serious movie, it has moments but you will regain your breath. Everyone did a great job from acting to effects which were a delight. There was a good amount of CGI but for a fair budget movie they were amazing and it was mostly for the Dragon so you can’t really get mad about having a CGI Dragon, I mean c’mon it’s a dragon! The setting is absolutely stunning and beautiful it really feels like ye old times! There are some monsters but they only show up in a wonderful slow mo fight scene.

        Screen-Shot-2016-02-25-at-2.17.17-PM  Not too much blood some here and there but plenty of creature violence. Now let us talk about the comedy because that was what drew me closer and closer. The entire movie was hilarious. But it also feels like a parody so if you catch vibes like star wars or any LOTR don’t be alarmed, it is in good fun. And when I mean if you catch vibes from star wars I mean count how many references haha Do yourself a favor and catch this movie it will be on DVD and VOD soon so keep an eye out for it and enjoy every second of this awesome flick. Grab some snack and maybe a pizza, this is a two-hour movie so down plan anything and grab buddies or a secret admirer just for fun. But its best if you invite the Dudes, for DUDES & DRAGONS.