Review: TERROR BIRDS (2016)

Nature gone wild films have been back in style lately though none of them have been as well executed and down right entertaining as TERROR BIRDS, directed by Sean Cain. What makes this film work so well? It knows what it is.

Maddy (Jessica Lee Keller)is a college student who realizes that her ornithologist father has gone missing. After a week, she grabs her friend Paige (Sarah Joy Byington) to look for him but of course, she has her own plans. Paige invites Justin, who Maddy had a thing for. OK, maybe that’s OK. But he invites his current girlfriend Taylor (Lindsey Sporrer) and his best friend Brett (Evan Miller) and they head out to find him.

terror-birds-1Turns out Maddy’s father is dead. What is alive is a rich weirdo with two carnivorous birds thought to be extinct. What starts out as a simple search and rescue becomes a fight for survival against a pair of flying predators.

Now I now that sounds crazy but like I said, Terror Birds knows what it is and it acts accordingly. It is fun! The terror Birds have a raptor like feel of course but if there is one thing director Sean Cain knows, it’s dinosaurs.

terror-birds-6As for the cast, it is filled with mostly fresh faces but anchored by veterans Greg Evigan (Deep Star Six) and Leslie Easterbrook (The Devil’s Rejects, Halloween). A smart movie which adds gravity the two roles that could easily slip into parody.

Terror Birds isn’t meant to be the next Jurassic Park or anything of the sort. It is a fun creature feature with good kills, fun characters and the goal of being a good time. There is all kinds of horror and we need them all because there are all kinds of horror fans. Terror Birds is here. and is worth a look. Kick your feet up, grab a beer and enjoy.

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