Review: THE ENDLESS Is A Thought Provoking Personal Horror

Do we ever really know where we are going or where we have been? What if we were trapped in a n endless loop but conscious of it? These are truly terrifying concepts if you delve into them and exactly… (Read more)

‘Bethany’ Delivers Supernatural Terror!

Anytime a film deals with imaginary friends, especially creepy ass ones living within the walls, a feeling of uneasiness that I cannot escape! In the film, (young) Claire would seek comfort in her imaginary friend that lived in the walls… (Read more)

Review: THE BYE BYE MAN Is The Best New Horror Character

Every now and again we get a decent horror film that demands attention. Not because it is from a big studio or because it has some TV star, but because it remembers how to be a solid horror film. THE… (Read more)

Ends And Beginnings – BLACK SAILS Series Finale

As we settled down for the final episode of BLACK SAILS, there were many questions as to where it will end. Who would make it out alive? I must admit, I didn’t see how that was going to happen. The… (Read more)

‘Peelers’ – Sexy and Gory Fun! [Review]

There is just something about a film involving zombies and strippers that brings a colossal smile to my face. Peelers did a great job executing some bloody good fun throughout its ninety-five-minute run. We begin with Blue Jean (Wren Walker)… (Read more)

No Honor Among Thieves – BLACK SAILS XXXVII

This week’s BLACK SAILS starts off with an important point. Who a man was is least as important as who he is. This is an undeniable truth because that past is the only insight into how that man might behave… (Read more)

My Enemy My Friend – BLACK SAILS XXXVI

We began to see the new world last week on BLACK SAILS as Jack and Max visited the Guthrie house in Philadelphia to attempt to win him as a partner. Though that didn’t go as planned, they found a partner… (Read more)