Retro-Review: Husk (2011) – Killer scarecrows are coming for you!

“There’s something in the corn”. Not many scarecrows are more frightening than the scarecrow the band Samhain used on the cover of their album entitled November-Coming-Fire but picture this… unnaturally fast scarecrows wearing creepy masks, chasing you through a lonely… (Read more)

Gloria Has Her Eye On The Gracefield Incident

“Do you have to film everything?” Yes! we are back in the realm of found-footage films! This first person point of view style(also knows as POV shot) is probably one of my favorite filming styles. You can really get a… (Read more)

The Deadly Women of The Craft

One of my favorite movies came about in 1996. This isn’t a popular thing to say, because film snobs everywhere will argue nothing good comes from modern media. Tonight I ask of you all to put down the pens and… (Read more)

The Dark Tapes – Will Keep You On Your Toes

Like it’s docu-horror and found footage predecessors, including The Blair Witch Project (1999) and Paranormal Activity (2007), The Dark Tapes continues with the inherent realism that this genre delivers. The concept of found footage is fairly self-explanatory; video recordings are… (Read more)

#Fantasia2017 First Look AT 68 Kill

The things we do for love. Men have done insane things for women and the new film 68 KILL is another example of the lengths people will go.  From simple admiration all the way to thievery and murder. Check out… (Read more)


It’s easy to go into WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES expecting a good solid film but nothing more. The first two in the current series are solid films with an emotional cord hit all the right beats rings… (Read more)

Review: Gloria Survives KARATE KILL

Karate Kill (2016) to be released July 18th 2017 on Video on Demand and DVD/Blue ray is gory graphic film about a Karate Master Kenji (Hayate) on his journey to look for his missing sister Mayumi (Mana Sakura) who left… (Read more)