Review: #FromJennifer

If you want to enjoy a movie with Comedy, Horror and Revenge, #fromjennifer is the movie to see!¬† Writer and director Frank Merle did a stupendous job combining all these elements together to bring us a movie with twisted and… (Read more)

Recap: AMERICAN GODS Eps 3 – Head Full Of Snow

As has become a theme of its own, the opening teaser is once again unsettling and showstopping. An older woman is making food for her family. She gets up on a stool and reaches high above the cabinet to grab… (Read more)


“Once upon a time…a man got fucked.” 1697. A slave ship. A very modern man is explaining to the cargo what there life will be like in America when they reach shore. Getting them worked up, they burn the ship,… (Read more)

Review: ALIEN: COVENANT Is The Scariest Film Of The Year

ALIEN: COVENANT has landed and it is glorious! OK. Had to get that out. When PROMETHEUS came out many were amazed, some were disappointed, but everyone wanted more, even Ridley Scott. Those who wanted a proper ALIEN movie will be… (Read more)

Review: RINGS is The Sequel We Should Have Gotten The First Time

I liked RINGS. With all the negativity that has been leveled¬†at this film, I wanted to get that out straight away. In the age of elevated horror and obligatory indie praise, my money is still on the studio film and… (Read more)

STARZ’ AMERICAN GODS Proves TV Is Where Genre Truly Belongs

There was a time when TV was the worst place for horror and fantasy. The restrictions and format was just not suitable. That feeling has changed in recent years, but it may have never been more indisputable than with the… (Read more)

Review: The Sweet Satanic Melody Of A DARK SONG

Every now and again, an indie film comes out that renews my faith in low budget film-making. A film that has atmosphere and performance and takes you somewhere you don’t want to go. This time that film is A DARK… (Read more)