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If you miss 80’s/early 90’s slashers, but own them all, you may find yourself jonesing for something new. But when you have all the movies, what’s left? That’s where NIGHT TRAP comes in.  NIGHT TRAP is a PC game that puts… (Read more)

Check Out The New FRIDAY THE 13TH Game Retail Trailer

For those who have been waiting for a physical copy of Friday the 13th: The Game, you will be rewarded on the best possible day. This October, Friday the 13th comes home with new content to slash and kill. Read on… (Read more)


DEAD BY DAYLIGHT continues to kick up the horror gaming experience with a new map, survivor and killer! Get ready for LULLABY featuring The Huntress. Check out the announcement video and perks below… Killer Bio: The Huntress As soon as… (Read more)

FRIDAY THE 13TH Is Almost Here And Here Is A Launch Announcement!

After we have spent over a year anxiously waited for FRIDAY THE 13TH the game to become a reality, it is almost here. We now have a release date for the game and it is ONE MONTH AWAY. The game will… (Read more)

Game Review: The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

To often do we get games that don’t deliver based on their instant recognizable characters. In other words, a terrible game is often released because it has a name character attached. By the logic, I was weary of The Incredible… (Read more)

New Trailer For ROOTS OF INSANITY Gets Dirty

Roots of Insanity from Crania Games has a release date now, April 3rd. So now that that is nailed down, we get a trailer! If you like hospital horror (and all hospitals are horrible) this is for you! Synopsis: You… (Read more)

OUTLAST 2 And Physical Boxset Drop In April

OUTLAST, one of the most terrifying games I have ever played, finally gets a sequel this April. The new game takes players to Arizona where a husband and wife face a crazed preacher and cult. The new game will drop… (Read more)