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Richard LeMay Tackles Dementia 13

Coppola fans may recognize Dementia 13 as his first feature film, a twisted story of family, the supernatural, and betrayal. Richard LeMay directs the 2017 remake of this 1963 classic with a flair for the dramatic and a similar perspective…. (Read more)

EXCLUSIVE: Glenn Danzig’s Top 10 Horror Films For Halloween

Musically, nothing screams Halloween better than the music of Glenn Danzig. Whether it’s classic horror inspired songs from The Misfits, dark world understanding of Samhain, or pure evil of his namesake entitled project, Glenn has always drawn from and in… (Read more)

HORROR Goes Digital This April!

Coming this April 1st, your home is no longer safe as HORROR, a home invasion/revenge thriller comes to VHX next month. Today, we have the first trailer and pics. Have a look at the horror… Synopsis: ┬áStill reeling from the… (Read more)

New Trailer For #HORROR

Maybe one of the most controversial new horror movies coming out is #HORROR, the feature debut from Tara Subkoff. This film left me in need of quiet time. It’s both powerful and affecting. Check out the trailer below… Inspired by… (Read more)

IFC Midnight To Release #Horror

One film we haven’t heard from in a while is #Horror but now we have new details from Cannes. It appears that the film has found distribution with IFC Midnight so expect solid details soon. In the meantime, check out… (Read more)

Editorial: Is Horror Dead?

Last week I talked about how over-hyped some films have been lately. Some are pretty good, others are absolutely terrible, but none are deserving of the high pedestals that they are being placed on. Let’s face it, nothing has been… (Read more)